Ode to Manolo Blahnik Timbs

“I keep you workin’ that… Hermes Birkin bag, Manolo Blahnik timbs, aviator lens” These are lyrics from my favorite rapper, Jay-Z (’03 Bonnie & Clyde). He was referring to his now wife, Beyonce and her timeless, wardrobe pieces that you would find in any boss babe’s closet. To have Manolo Blahnik timbs in my closet was a desire of mine since 2002! Both Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez wore them in music videos around that time and in my head I should've been counted among those fash

Evolution of DJ Equipment

So I’ve been wanting to DJ for over 10 years but for different reasons I couldn't pursue my passion. One of the main reasons was equipment. I’m sure veteran DJs can attest to how much DJ tools have evolved! We are long gone from the days of carrying crates and relying solely on vinyl records to play a gig. However, there are still some djs out there who will dj a set using strictly vinyl records and what I mean by that is… no laptop is used for music files. The dj is literall